Beer – Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

I met Southbound Brewing Company’s marketing director Carly Wiggins at Tybee Island Social Club after returning from a shoot for South Magazine (video coming as soon as they give the thumbs up) and they brew up some pretty yummy beer right there in Savannah (behind the big Great Dane…) When I told her she needed to do some video, she said “we don’t have any money” which is what freaking EVERYBODY says, until they see the video… but I digress… so I told her she was in luck, because I like beer. Last week, Southbound had another event on Tybee at Gerald’s Pig & Shrimp, with musical guest Eric Culberson. I showed up with my camera. Here was her reaction “That video is AWESOME! You guys let us know if you want to come check out the brewery and have some beers !” and this is how it went down. Hey… I’m gonna be in Savannah tomorrow… hmmmmm…

Hey, we should get some video of this

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a chance to shoot a couple of projects at the last minute (2 with less than a day notice and one because I was at the event!)

Shooting event video is a lot like bull riding (except that I don’t wear a cowboy hat the chances of me being gored or trampled are pretty limited) because you sort of show up and it all just happens. I’ve only got one set of eyes, and pretty good peripheral vision, thanks in large part to my lack of hearing, so I spend time just moving and scanning. More often than not, there’s a shot or two when I get to the editing stage that makes me smile, because there is no way it could have been set up and the odds of being in that place at that moment are, well, I’m no good a math, but I gotta think it’s a big number.

Each of these gigs look as though they are going to be leading to additional gigs, which is awesome. One of the big things that has gotten people’s attention is the speed of turnaround… you see, I understand that video of an event has a shelf life, and the sooner it can get out there, the better. I’ve actually adopted a practice of creating 20 – 40 second “coming soon” trailers and having them online sometimes the same day, which buys me a couple of extra days for the final edits.

Here are some of the vids from the past couple of weeks. Have an event and at the last minute think to yourself… “we really should get this on video”? You’re right, you should… gimme a call. I just might be around.

(a couple of these were done under my alter ego of Island Photo & Video)