Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Sometimes even until the last minute.

I got a call a few weeks ago on Friday morning (my birthday) from a very nice lady named Fran, asking if I was available to film a wedding the following afternoon. A family friend was going to film the ceremony, but at the last minute was unable to attend. My schedule was clear, so I sent some information, a link to my website and waited for confirmation, and then I went out to celebrate. While I was out having a pretty good time, I got an email saying that they’d love for me to come.

I drove over the bridge to South Carolina, not even sure to whom I’d spoken, but ready to hit the ground running. Everyone was beyond thrilled and thanked me for coming on such short notice. Ashley and Garret couldn’t have been any cuter and the entire evening was an absolute joy.

I’m still working on the full hilite video, but here’s the teaser I sent them a few days later.

I’m headed back to Virgina for a little bit of work and a lot of play this week, so I won’t be able to do your wedding if you call me on Friday (hopefully I’ll be on the golf course) but if you’ve got a few more day until your wedding, give me a call. I’d love to create a wedding film for you too, even if it is at the last minute. I’m a video guy… I’m used to being the last one called 🙂


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